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and if a ten ton truck
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to die by your side
well the pleasure, the privilege is mine
Sunday, October 25, 2009

no complaints

ok, so a while ago i posted things i like.. now this'll be like things i hate. i don't hate a lot of things.. but whatever, annoying things at the moment. i wrote this in my notebook, lying in bed, i was kinda sick today :/

i hate it that naproxen doesn't work for me. it makes things even worse. i hate it that jeffrey isn't online (yay now he is xD). i hate it that i do use capitals when i write, but when i type i'm too lazy to press shift. i hate being so tired all the time. i hate my period. i hate 'the kite runner', but only because i have to read it for school. i hate arrogant spanish jerks who think it's a matter of life or death to receive some pictures asap. i hate pepsi. i hate it that all my friends live at least 30km away from me. i hate the deja vu i just had. i hate french.

lol, well, i should post something happy now:


PS: it turns out that i write a lot ayway! in my first post i said i'd mainly post pictures... but i like this more than i expected, haha.


Arturo said...

thats a short list :p i would of had a longer one lol. i hate coke, but i love pepsi xD

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