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and if a double-decker bus
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is such a heavenly way to die
and if a ten ton truck
kills the both of us
to die by your side
well the pleasure, the privilege is mine
Monday, November 30, 2009


ok so a while ago there was a contest ^^

i haven't decided about the winner yet.. but anyway, the answers!

1. what does 'effusive' mean?
to be like, really happy
2. what's my favourite band?
THE BEATLES. well done nick.
3. 1+1=
this may surprise you, but the answer is 2. i got some very creative answers on this though, hehe.
4. best colour ever?
*cough* purple *cough*  i wasn't asking for my favourite colour though so it doesn't really matter what you answered.
Thursday, November 26, 2009

i'm a chiropractor :D

become a chiropractor too :3
Sunday, November 22, 2009


the annual epic win award goes to....

Nick: '[21:27] Lord Nick - Spiral King: I thank all those who made me me
[21:27] Lord Nick - Spiral King: Namely :
[21:27] Lord Nick - Spiral King: Anime'

on the question why he deserves the award he answered: 'If i didnt i wouldnt have it'. i also asked him what his blood type is, and he strategically answered: 'blood type A postitive'.

congratulations nick! you win a golden fridge with marie in it! :D
Saturday, November 21, 2009

baby you're a rich man

don't forget to enter the contest :D

it's christmas in a month.. and sinterklaas* in 2 weeks.. so to all generous people out there: this is my wishlist! xD

- a yellow submarine
- a shirt with a yellow submarine on it (but i prefer a real one of course)
- lots of cds
- this red blazer *_*
- a new pc
- chocolate
- dr martens
- t-shirts from this site
- purple hair? i'm not sure about that one yet xD

lol i don't need a lot of things i guess. i wanted to make a super long ultimate wishlist but i can't think of more than this.

* if you don't know: sinterklaas/saint nicolas is an old guy with black slaves from spain but actually from turkey, who comes with his boat to the netherlands every year and then he rides on the roofs with his white horse and gives all children presents on the 5th of december :3 and if you've been naughty his black slaves will hit you, put salt in your shoe, or they will put you in sinterklaas' bag and kidnap you and take you to spain/actually turkey.
Friday, November 20, 2009


don't forget to enter the contest :D

i'm at school.. i'll have a philosophy and an english test later today. so i thought i could kinda practice xD cause of course, i am already practicing english by just writing this.. and i'll tell you something about ethics ^^ if you're not interested in philosophy you can skip this lol. oh and i'm sorry if i'm mixing it with dutch words, i don't know philosophic terms in english.

ethics is about the question 'what makes someone a good human?'. the first thing you should know about is hedonism by epicurus. it's about having as much fun as possible and avoiding pain. this doesnt mean you should have like a very wild life.. epicurus goal is ataraxia, a calm life without worries.

now the first important theory, utilitarism, by bentham, is based on this. the main rule is the hedonistic calculus. it means, with everything you do, you have to think if it causes the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. and if it does it's the right thing to do. now this is kinda too easy xD there are a lot of problems with this. for example.. there's a boy, he hardly has friends, and he visits his aunt at the hospital. then at the same time there arrive like 3 famous people at the hospital who need a heart, a kidney, and a lung. according to utilitarism the right thing to do would be to kidnap the boy and use his organs for the famous people.

there are 2 ways to fix those problems. one is, you have to make a difference between 'high happiness' and 'low happiness'. well the first one is things like culture, reading a good book, visiting a museum. the second is like.. sports for example. the other way is to make a rule of it. you have to think, what would happen if everyone would do this in this situation? in the example before, no one would ever visit a hospital again, they'd always have a risk they'd be used for someone more important.

the next big theory is the 'plichtethiek', by kant. this one is very rational. he thinks there is a main rule, that should count in every situation, for everyone. he calls this the categoric imperatif. this is:
1. it should be reasonable to want that what you do will be a rule that counts in every situation.
2. you should always treat a human like a goal (intrinsic) and not as a tool (instrumental).
the problem with this is you do the same in every situation, but every situation is different and should be treated differently.

-ok i just had my english test xD but i haven''t had philosophy yet, so i'll finish this. english was pretty easy. it was a grammar test, but a lot of people thought they asked a lot of vocabulary we couldn't know.. ok i can understand they don't know 'clogs', but 'probably'? wtf? my brother knows that. he's 10.-

ok, last theory. it's the 'deugdethiek', by aristoteles. it's pretty old but it has gained a lot of attention again lately. the other theories are both about the question 'what should i do?' while this one is about 'how should i live?'. aristoteles' goal in life is eudaimonia, a perfect life where you use your talents and capabilities as much as possible. so this is different for everyone, everyone's talents are different. he has a teleologic vision: everything in nature has a goal, and has talents it should fully use. he thinks you should find like an average way of living, you should find the center. for example take courage, you can be a coward or have too much courage, and you have to find the middle.
the downside of this one is that it is too vague, there aren't really clear rules of what is right and wrong.

well.. that's it :D i didn't use my book once. but i might have made mistakes cause of that though. ^^' i'm sorry if i bored you.

now something is bothering me, and it has to do with everything i just wrote. yesterday when i was delivering newspapers i looked through the window and saw a little boy, like just 3, climbing the stairs. and a few seconds later when i was at the next house i heard a child scream, so the boy probably fell off the stairs :/ so now i feel like, maybe i couldve saved him, i could've knocked the door or whatever. and maybe i should've gone back, cause maybe his parents couldn't help him for some reason. so i can't stop thinking about the different theories and what would be the right thing to do according to each one of them xD what do you think?

i wonder who actually read this xD
Tuesday, November 17, 2009


hi :) i'm at school and booored. i hate tuesday, school from 8.30 to 3.45, and newspapers after that -.- and i cant really post something cause my mind is full of boring school stuff and i cant think of anything interesting D:

well, there's 1 thing i want to say. PLEASE COMMENT.  i love comments! hmm.. i'll make it a contest. the best comment on this post will win.. a drawing or something. if you have a better idea for a price, tell me in your comment :) and if you don't leave a comment: I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU. CAPS FTW.

oh and i'll post a new interview soon. maybe the best comment will win an interview? :D also another thing to say in your comment, who should i interview?

oh oh and i'll test you to actually make it a challenge :D
1. what does 'effusive' mean?
2. what's my favourite band?
3. 1+1=
4. best colour ever?

ok, i have to go now! gym class -.- bye, good luck everyone xD
Friday, November 13, 2009


i changed the layout!! do you like it? :3 to celebrate the awesome new width, i'll post a super large picture or something!

britney ftw! xD

edit: oops i dit it again ;p it's too big.

kus me dan en bijt mijn tong af

 (kiss me and bite my tongue. song by spinvis)

i'm sorry for the layout right now :/

i just went to school.. i was there at 8.30.. only to find out it starts like 4 hours later today >.< i didn't want to wait for 4 hours so i went back home. i'm really so tired lately. yesterday i had school from 7.45 to 3.45, and delivered newspapers after that, which took me 2 hours. so i've been working on a new layout.. and thats all i have to say x3

Monday, November 9, 2009


i'm sooo sorry i'm not posting a lot. i'm wasting my time on stuff like
-arturo xD


so now, i should shower, but instead i'm gonna post. :P

(thanks manu :P)

(edit: this is by henri de wolf :P)
Monday, November 2, 2009


i don't really know what to write.. xD so i thought i'd make um.. ehem.. art.