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to die by your side
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


hi :) i'm at school and booored. i hate tuesday, school from 8.30 to 3.45, and newspapers after that -.- and i cant really post something cause my mind is full of boring school stuff and i cant think of anything interesting D:

well, there's 1 thing i want to say. PLEASE COMMENT.  i love comments! hmm.. i'll make it a contest. the best comment on this post will win.. a drawing or something. if you have a better idea for a price, tell me in your comment :) and if you don't leave a comment: I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU. CAPS FTW.

oh and i'll post a new interview soon. maybe the best comment will win an interview? :D also another thing to say in your comment, who should i interview?

oh oh and i'll test you to actually make it a challenge :D
1. what does 'effusive' mean?
2. what's my favourite band?
3. 1+1=
4. best colour ever?

ok, i have to go now! gym class -.- bye, good luck everyone xD


Arturo said...

well i love commenting on your blog i think i've commented on almost all of them xD

1) i should know what it means because i told you about the word xD lol
2) system of a down :D
3) 11 of course ~.~
4) well colours look better when they are all together :3

Anouk. said...

1.In chemistry, effusion is the process in which individual molecules flow through a hole without collisions between molecules.

2. Depense on the mood you have, wich day it is and who's around.

3. Depense. If you count the words on youre fingers its 5. If you put 1 & 1 together you'll get 11. If you do a mathematic tric you get 2998645. So it depense ^^.

4. The greatest colours are not even colours. (Black & White) So that makes all the colours together (Black) or none (White).

Oh i forgot to tell that i feel funny lately, i'll tell ya soon^^
Kisses and Hugs Me!!!

lisa, but i'm posting this for sora :P said...

Well first I hate P.E! And second I'd like to win a drawing. ^^!

1)Unrestrained or excessive in emotional expression.
2)System of a down. (I'm so smart, I stole this from Arturo.)
3)Epic win.
4)Rainbow colours! <3

Anonymous said...


1) Ef.. fuse.. john... wait what was the question again?
2) Is there any band with a dancing monkey? cause if so thats probably your favourite band, it would be mine xD
3) Duck!
4) Violettyredbluegreenyellowish, it's not in any dictionary because it's so awesome :3

Anonymous said...

I AM NICK (Firaenix) I'm posting as anon cause my iPod doesn't let me post any other way

1. Unrestrained uhh something :D?
3. Window you use all the straight lines andyou can make a window from them AWESOME YEAH I KNOW HUH
4.light blue is a cool colour :3 but black and red used to be my favorite and they tend to look cool with eachother but I like light blue ever since I got off the heavy metal stuff lol (ENTER SHIKARI STILL PWNS)

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